20A Regulated Supply

This supply is a 10-15V regulated (LM723) power supply with 2N3055 pass transistors and computer-grade filter caps. The interface provides APP and Banana plug access to the supply. A front-panel mounted fuse for over-current, and a on PCB 15A fuse for over-voltage protection (SCR + Zener).

Amp meter fullscale at 15A, voltmeter fullscale at 15V.

Clockwise from left: Voltage pot (10-15V), Amp meter, voltage meter, LED power light, Anderson Power Pole jacks (2x), Fuse for over-current, banana plug (0.75" spacing).

Front Panel (hi-res) | Front Panel (lo-res)
Front Panel 2 (hi-res)| Front Panel 2 (lo-res)
Side (hi-res)| Side (lo-res)
Side 2 (hi-res)| Side 2 (lo-res)
Top (hi-res)| Top (lo-res)
Top 2 (hi-res)| Top 2 (lo-res)


The schematic is based on the 10A regulated supply found here: 10A Regulated Supply


T.B.D. A detailed list of part #s and quantities will be updated later.

A lot of the parts are free/flea-market sourced. The most expensive part is the transformer (18 VCT @20A), the rest of the parts are simple components found at flea-markets, junque boxes, mouser.com, or local sources. PCB's were hand etched. Stand-offs and aluminum work were hand machined. Panels were hand-made.

To Do

  1. Bleeder Resistors
  2. Front Panel Light on voltage edgewise meter
  3. Clean up wiring on filter caps
  4. Shorten wire leads, hide wire leads
  5. Reverse the pot control for voltage
  6. Apply front panel labels
  7. Write Bill of Materials (bom)