Windowsill Antenna


Version 1

The design is based on a 14ft long fibreglass fishing rod blank. 18AWG wire is wound around the form with a pitch of about 0.400" for 12ft of the length. The end of the antenna has a 2ft long wire straight to the tip.

The base loading is made of a 4" diameter 40-turn coil of 10AWG copper with pitch set in three groups. 5 turns at 0.375", 30 turns at 0.250" and the remainder at 0.200" pitch. The tap is made with a copper aligator clip from the feed point bracket.

The variable capacitor is a two-section air variable with total capacitance of 40-650pF.

The antenna is slipped over the end of a 1" diameter oak rod fastened to the base. The antenna feed is removed by a bananna plug socket at the base so the unit can be "broken down" easier.

Version 2

Version 2 uses 18ft of aluminum rod vs. spiraled wire on fibreglass.


Not sure yet.. Still testing!


Version 1