Elecraft Radios

I have K3 #2105. It was built on November 8th, 2008.

I also have K2 #6665 under construction. It was finished January 16th, 2009.

My K3 was initially built with the KAT3, and KPA3 modules, and 1.8kHz and 400Hz filters on the main Recv.

K3 Workship at Lyle's QTH

ARRL updated Review: K3 Update Review. ARRL Membership required to access
K3 Wiki

The K3 is my first radio where I am getting comments like "Your signal has a very natural sound" and other comments about the audio quality. That must be something in the rig and MH-2 mic from Elecraft.

Building Workstation

Work station

The tools there are:

Sorting bin (locking lid for future use as more options are added/modified)

I would sort every screw by size and type and color. I don't show a scale in the picture, but a scale is useful if you're not familiar with identifying small parts on sight. Pre-sorting the hardware before opening any of the anti-static packaging is a good idea.

Assembly Advice

Buying Suggestions

Firmware Uploading

Here's my advice:

Microphone Configurations

One thing that was difficult is to get the SSB to work. I had to Google around and found that in the CONFIG for the MIC SEL, you select (via VFO A) the FP.L, but have to press "2" for the "B1AS" (bias) optionto appear in the LCD. THEN the SSB works with the MH-2 mic.