The database has been recovered. As of September 11, 2018, the database is recovered. Please use this query to see if I have you in my log. The database is an extract from my Logging Software data.

Online Log for W7BRS

This log is extracted from the Logging software in the station.

Eg., enter K4M, or ZL8X, or YOUR callsign. If you were mobile, try /M or /P or /# where # is the call area you were from at the time. The search does not accept wild-cards. This system may look like other database searches, but it's homebrew. I have some enhancements to make, but for the time being it will allow the basic searching. If we have worked HF, try your callsign.

Enter your callsign:

Auto-generated Record of DX Progress


  1. Fix up color scheme of table
  2. Remove duplicates in data log (one time)
  3. Parse /M and /P stations correctly. Currently it requires an exact match to the station call (call/p, call/m, etc..). If you don't find your QSO, try adding the /m or /p pro sign if you were mobile or portable.