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I'm just getting started with Satellites. Here's what I got so far.


October 2008

Partial QSO on AO-7 with VE7SWL in Mode A

(Correction: it was not W7LRD, but VE5SWL. Thanks Bob!)

This is one of my early QSO's on Satellite AO-7. the station calling CQ is me, the station who answers (QRS) is VE5SWL.

So you heard him just send dit-dit-dit to find his downlink frequency (remember he's transmitting up on 2m and listening on 10m) so he has to find the downlink that he's beeing heard on else he could be talking to a wall and not know it.

Listen for his rapid keyer zoom in. He first has to find himself (by listening to his downlink, and then he answers).

What you're hearing is all downlink. The sound of my radio through AO-7 on 10m.

This was mode A. So the up link was 2m (145.950 +/- Mhz) and the downlink was on 10m (29.450 +/- Mhz).

Here's a phone contact on AO-7.

QSO with WA6DIR in Mode B

Difficult to hear, but the jist of what happens is:

I'm calling CQ, he finally hears me (WA6DIR) and tells me I'm using the wrong side band on the uplink (Which I was).

It's LSB up, and USB down when using AO-7 in Mode B (Mode B means 70cm up, and 2m down, as opposed to mode A - 2m up/10m down).

Anyway, we finally figure it out and he gives me a 5-2/ 5-3 signal report.

Difficult to hear but the tape recorder is actually wired into the rig, not a set-microphone.

Here's another phone contact on AO-7.

QSO with KE7ULS in Mode B

Mode B and I call CQ and hear KE7ULS come back. I had to check the AO-7 log to make sure I had the call right, I had part of it during the QSO.

Listen for me trying to re-find my downlink.