Satellite Tower with two Antennas

Tall angle of satellite antennas
Satellite antennas
2m Satellite Antenna
Another angle of satellite antennas

Satellite Tower Installation

Below are links to photos of the satellite tower construction.

Materials are:


Updated Photos with Rotators

Mast and both Rotators
Bottom Rotator (Hy-Gain Ham-IV)
Top Rotator (Yaesu G-550)
Rotator Controls at Operating Station

Overall Installation

Base of mast on hinge
Top mount
Notes: The 3ft section of 1.5in square tube is doubled up with another inside the shack bolted through and sandwiched around the frame of the shack. The top mount is further lag-bolted vertically through the top-plate of the shack frame. The mast isn't going anywhere. ;-)

Rotator platform and guide
Wide angle of installation
Tall angle of installation
Notes: The flood light mast is going to be removed prior to installing antennas, so there will be ample (10ft) of gap between the apex of the roof of the shack and the Elevation boom (horizontal) attached to the Azimuth boom (vertical).