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Mark, VA3MAH writes to tell about his SB-200.

The SB200 Heathkit amp was given to me as a Xmas gift a year ago from a Ham 
in USA. Steven Grose K4YL. 

I took my time reading up on the amp, and I bought the SB-200 POWER MODULE & 
RELAY parts from Harbach Electronics back in April 2007. Didn't work on 
doing the replacement parts till the end of September of 2007. with the help 
of my Elmer, Brad, VE3SLI   (I got licensed back in 1991 & Brad got me into 
ham radio ) we installed all  upgrades but the Antenna relay.
 I just  received the resistor that needs to be used with the new Antenna 
relay per Harbach webpage. Here is his quote

"This resistor must be changed due to a change in coil resistance of the relay from about 2.3K to 1.4K by the relay manufacturer. This will allow the proper amount of operating bias to be applied to the tubes during transmit (approximately -2VDC)."
I decided to work on the meter with the help of a Non Ham from work, and I took bunch of pics of the meter for him to work from and we designed a label that I just pealed and stuck over the old meter. And finally on Feb 18,2008 I fired up the amp and made my first contact using the amp on 80 & 40 meters to Ducie Island VP6DX. 73 Mark VA3MAH

New Meter

Original Meter

New Meter in SB-200

Old Meter in SB-200