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My "Wanted" List

Can you see the 150 meter horizontal loop antenna?


I prefer cards.

If you want a card, just send a card. I'll return the favor.

If I want a card, I'll send a card and SAE/SASE/GreenStamps as required by your QSL advice.

  27801 SE 43 PLACE
  FALL CITY, WA 98024

Alternatively, I also use Log Book of the World for contacts that do not use paper QSL: LoTW Info

Projects and Information

These are things I build, repaired, collected:

Regulated Power supply I wanted to make a 20A linear DC power supply. I grabbed some schematics off the web and based it around a LM723 regulator.

SB-200 Rework I used to have SB-200's and fix them up for operation.

3-500ZG Home-brew Linear Long story. Best synopsis: Friend Jim Fish K7NCG sold me bulk of parts from his home-brew linear. I re-built it from scratch by starting with old QST magazine articles and old ARRL handbook schematics from 60s and 70s. Final design is simple 6 band 2kW class AB-2 Linear with 4 kV plate voltage. Lots of air-flow to keep those valves cool.

Satellite Operations Once upon a time I was heavy into satellite operations. Then I lost my radio. But since 2018, that has been fixed. Now I need to rebuild my satellite antenna mast and repair the rotators to track the birds. Very fun.

My inspiration and mentor for all things Satellite and in HF include a handful of people, and I have a fond respect for Bob Johnson (W7LRD) [pic] and his dog

Franklin High School Radio Club 1932 My grand-father held W7BRS while in HS. He was co-president or leader of the Franklin High School (Seattle, WA) Radio Club. Can you imagine such a thing these days?

Old W7BRS from 1931

W7BRS QSL From the past


Below are sources for parts, accessories, books, and information that I use (or have used previously). I recommend* some these vendors/companies:

*RF Parts (Many parts for home-brew linear amplifier and good source for valves)

*The Amp Doctor (Based in Germany, they sell a good variety of parts. In some cases, the parts are cheaper (including the shipping) than the part from RFParts without the shipping: The new parts I ordered from The Amp Doctor were cheaper than used RF Parts INCLUDING THE SHIPPING FROM GERMANY. Makes you wonder!)

*Mouser (Exceptional service and selection for any electronics)

Harbach (When I was in the middle of repairing Heathkit amplifiers, I used their kits. I would still recommend them.)

*InRad (Good source for after-market filters)

Daily DX (Interesting reading. Mostly useful, but expensive!)

*LZ1YE QSL Print (Very fine quality. Nice style. I will need to use them again for the next batch of cards.)


My antenna is a wire. It's in a tree. I don't have the capability to point a beam at you. Therefore sometimes I'll use FT-8 to just see what's going on.

I will work stations via FT-8. I don't prefer FT-8, but it's an interesting mode and can be instructive for researching band-conditions. Let's give it a try. If I am calling CQ, just ping my station. Thanks.

If it comes down to working a new country over FT-8, so be it. Maybe as Cycle-25 starts to get better, we can get back to SSB DX'ing.

Having said that... this pretty much sums up my feelings on computer-orchestrated digital modes, like FT-8:

In 2009, my son visited me in the shack: My son, Nick

Have Heart - Support the Marfan Foundation - More Information on Marfan.

GL 73

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